A bit of my teaching philosophy and experience.


A guiding principle for me, as an educator, is Education is growth. While that may seem trite, it is essential to remember when teaching mathematics.

In our culture, mathematics suffers from a genius mentality. Either you are good at mathematics or you are not. It is a self-reinforcing declaration. It breeds depression from resignation. It favors those with many resources over those with few. It binds itself to our existing prejudices and represents a significant reason for the lack of diversity in math and beyond.

Those of us that fight each day for insight into mathematical problems find this mentality absurd. While there are certainly Eureka moments, they are always prefaced by long stretches of accretive growth in our understanding. We grow in ways visible and invisible to create the capacity for each breakthrough.

As the instructor, my priority in fostering a supportive and nurturing classroom environment is to impart a growth mentality from the beginning.

Administratively, the structural changes I shepherd must provide resources and motivation for personal growth.

Whether contributing to student’s learning by standing with them in the classroom or by shaping their experience from outside the classroom, I am never shy about adopting emerging best practices and pedagogical technologies in service of this goal.


Below you can find some of the courses I led.

  • Fall 2023: Calculus III. Math 241. USC.
  • Spring 2023: Formalization and Mathematics SCHC 411, USC.
  • Fall 2022: Introduction to Cryptography. CSCE 557/ Math 587, USC.
  • Fall 2022: Honors Transition to Advanced Mathematics. Math 300, USC.
  • Spring 2022: Derived Categories II. Math 748, USC.
  • Fall 2021: Honors Linear Algebra. Math 544, USC.
  • Fall 2021: Derived Categories I. Math 738, USC.
  • Fall 2020: Honors Transition to Advanced Mathematics. Math 300, USC.
  • Fall 2019: Calculus I. Math 141, USC.
  • Spring 2019: Calculus I. Math 141, USC.
  • Fall 2018: Calculus I. Math 141, USC.
  • Fall 2017: Honors Calculus III. Math 241, USC.
  • Fall 2017: Complex Geometry I. Math 737, USC.
  • Spring 2016: Algebra II. Math 702, USC.
  • Fall 2015: Honors Calculus I. Math 141, USC.
  • Fall 2015: Algebra I. Math 701, USC.
  • Spring 2015: Algebraic Topology II. Math 733, USC.
  • Fall 2014: Calculus I. Math 141, USC.
  • Fall 2014: Algebraic Topology I. Math 732, USC.
  • Spring 2014: Algebraic Structure I. Math 536, USC.
  • Fall 2013: Calculus II. Math 142, USC.
  • Fall 2013: Linear Algebra. Math 544, USC.
  • Spring 2012: Modern Algebra. Math 541, Wisconsin.
  • Fall 2011: Introduction to Combinatorics. Math 475, Wisconsin.
  • Spring 2011: Graduate Proseminar in Mathematics. Math 505, Penn.
  • Fall 2010: Calculus II. Math 104, Penn.
  • Spring 2010: Complex Algebraic Geometry II. Math 623, Penn.
  • Fall 2009: Complex Algebraic Geometry I. Math 622, Penn.
  • Spring 2009: Calculus III. Math 114, Penn.
  • Summer 2007: Introduction to Linear Algebra. Math 308, Washington.
  • Summer 2005: Introduction to Differential Equations. Math 307, Washington.
  • Summer 2004: Calculus and Analytic Geometry III. Math 126, Washington.