Mentors: David Favero and Eric Sharpe
July 17-23 2016
University of Alberta
Poster, Slack Chat




Monday: July 18
9:00 Hanratty Triangulated Categories
10:15 Chidambaram Triangulated Categories, Derived Categories
11:45 Osuga Closed String B-model
2:30 Chinen Introduction to Quivers
3:45 Discussion
Tuesday: July 19
9:00 Liu Exceptional Collections and Semi-orthogonal Decompositions
10:15 Tramel Stability Conditions
11:45 Pietromonaco B-model and Derived Categories
2:30 Zhang Introduction to Fukaya Categories
3:45 Discussion
Wednesday: July 20
9:00 Hughes Introduction to Mirror Symmetry
10:15 Bejleri SYZ Mirror Symmetry
11:45 Talpo Introduction to Toric Mirror Symmetry
2:30 Takeda Differential Graded Categories
3:45 Discussion
Thursday: July 21
9:00 Harder Introduction to Homological Mirror Symmetry
10:15 Oh Introduction to Enumerative Mirror Symmetry
11:45 Bian Phases of GLSMs
2:30 Grieve Introduction to Geometric Invariant Theory
3:45 Discussion
Friday: July 22
9:00 Diemer Birational Geometry, Derived Categories, Orlov's Theorem, VGIT
10:15 Ishtiaque GLSMs and D-branes
11:45 Guo LG Models and Matrix Factorizations


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